Oh! My beautiful Soul…

I was born with u inside,
If u r not in then I die..
U gave everything i ever needed,
With anyone around I never had to plead it..
Life was really uncertain,
But u always kept me curtained..
I was weak inside,
But u kept me pushing..
Mind and heart both works differently,
With U my life has a guarantee..
When I was in a valley of death,
Mind and heart both lost their temperament,
But u asked me to fight..
And u gave me the confidence to run..
Because I remember that u said,
That u dont wanna c me dead..
U had an option to leave me
And go far beyond u want..
But u said that this is u,
U wanted me to be new..
That incident refined me,
Now i know u and u will always remind me..
The shine on my face is your’s
My boring dull life,now have cures..
I know ur with me forever,
U will never leave,
I have faith in u and more than anything i believe..
U will only leave the sec i die,
Because we r forever tied..
I just want to say
Thank you.. Thank you.. Thank u..
My Beautiful Soul
This is u who made me realize
That I am soo complete..



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