Oh! My beautiful Soul…

I was born with u inside,
If u r not in then I die..
U gave everything i ever needed,
With anyone around I never had to plead it..
Life was really uncertain,
But u always kept me curtained..
I was weak inside,
But u kept me pushing..
Mind and heart both works differently,
With U my life has a guarantee..
When I was in a valley of death,
Mind and heart both lost their temperament,
But u asked me to fight..
And u gave me the confidence to run..
Because I remember that u said,
That u dont wanna c me dead..
U had an option to leave me
And go far beyond u want..
But u said that this is u,
U wanted me to be new..
That incident refined me,
Now i know u and u will always remind me..
The shine on my face is your’s
My boring dull life,now have cures..
I know ur with me forever,
U will never leave,
I have faith in u and more than anything i believe..
U will only leave the sec i die,
Because we r forever tied..
I just want to say
Thank you.. Thank you.. Thank u..
My Beautiful Soul
This is u who made me realize
That I am soo complete..

Sometimes We just know…

Sometimes We just know…
We know what We deserve,
We know what is reserved..

Sometimes We just know…
We know We started right,
We know everything is bright..

Sometimes We just know..
We know when laughing together is a life
We know that life is also a trench knife..
Wonderful happy life
Is just a myth..

Sometimes We just know…
Scare of loosing someone is a nightmare,
For those, who already lost so much,
It’s a absolute dare..

But sometimes We just know…
Letting go is tough,
We can’t always have a cream puff..
Bitter,better, sweet
Is a fairy tale.. In real everything is so pale..
Holding on a one sided love is a bad idea,
Love breaks faith, it’s all over in Social media…

Sometime We really know
It’s not necessary for the other to have a same feeling,
We can’t force things on them it’s ain’t a dealing…

That’s why sometimes We just really know..
Walking alone is a better…
Than seeing our dreams getting shattered..